Almond peel is the best preservative, so it’s better to buy them with peel

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Almond peel is the best preservative, so it’s better to buy them with peel

There are many people who wonder how to preserve the almonds so they do not become enranged. The answer is simple: if you do not want to have rancidity problems, it is best to keep the almonds in their shell. You will have the inconvenience of having to break the shell at home, but today there are enough domestic tools to do so without having to occupy a large space in the kitchen and if not only must see this small almond split manual machine.

Hard-shelled varieties, which are predominant in Spain and have a quality far superior to the varieties of soft shell of American or Californian almond, are the most suitable to preserve almonds for months, even a year, without danger of that they become enrancien or they are piquen.

With storage in a sack in a cool and dry place and in its shell is more than enough. The right temperature is between 0 and 10ºC, so the fresher the place of conservation, the better they will be stored in their shell. The ideal is that the almonds have already detached the moisture that characterizes them when we pick them from the tree.

A couple of weeks of drying in the air and in the sun will be necessary to lose it. Not in vain, almonds are one of the nuts that contain less water content, so it is very important that they are removed from damp places. On the other hand, it is important that once consignments are kept in a dry and cool place and hermetically isolated. A well-closed glass jar is a suitable place to keep them for a few weeks while they are being consumed and without losing their main properties.

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